Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Presenting The Most Disturbing Kool G. Rap Song Ever.

It's called "Hey Mister". This track was originally recorded in 1995, and curiously left off of the 4,5,6 LP. Gee, why would the label want to leave this track off the LP? Well, because it's about beating the shit out of your woman in public, and then raping her.

It was played on the Stretch and Bobbito show some years ago, with Stretch speaking over the top of it, suggesting "The opinions of Kool G. Rap do not necessarily represent those of WKCR, Stretch and Bobbito or it's affiliates".

A completely ridiculous, over the top gem that you'll only appreciate if you have a history of following G. Rap.

LISTEN: Kool G. Rap - "Hey Mister"

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