Saturday, May 7, 2011

Consequence / Q-Tip Have Falling Out

Consequence appeared on MTV's RapFix Live today (that's the entire episode above), revealing that he is no longer down with Kanye West or his cousin Q-Tip, who brought him into the game in his teenage years. Cons explained that his still unreleased sophomore LP, Cons TV, was to be executive produced by Kanye and Tip, but both abandoned the project, leading to his current issues with them.

?We definitely have personal issues,? he told Sway. ?He and Kanye elected to be executive producers of my Cons TV project. It's ABG..... I?m not harping on anything, but I?ma point out the obvious. I committed my time, my energy, my efforts to what we all committed to. That?s the Cons TV project. It?s not to be understated. They rolled with me through everything. They heard the stories on the ?Job Song.? They heard ?Uncle Rahiem.? They rooted for me. This was the coup de gras.?

?My purpose for coming here was clarification," he continued. "There are many fans who still align me with G.O.O.D. music, and it?s not fair to their intellect that they?re fooled in that matter.....I?m not part of G.O.O.D. Music. It?s via Bandcamp Records.?

Q-Tip responded on Twitter shortly after the interview, with a series of Tweets that read as follows...

"Nigga be watching too much wrestling. GLUE? I gave the nigga a look. He doesn't even know what the hell he's talking about. Now he's talking about my biz? Our fans ain't stupid, they want to know. This nigga chomps, damn. He DOESN'T know what he's talking about."

Look for part three of our exclusive interview with Consequence, coming next week.

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